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Our hostel is situated just 10 minutes from main bus and train station in Zakopane. Just the map! (click on it to see more details)

What is more we are :

* 3 minutes to Krupowki one of the most famous streets in Poland , with bars , pubs, restaurants and shops where you can buy typical suvenires from Tatras and Podhale region.
* 15 minutes to Tatra National Park zone, with wide range of paths for backpackers.
* 5 minutes to Antalowka - Aquapark in Zakopane (excellent recreation facilities)
* 10 minutes to Antalowka wintersports education center, where our professional instructors will tell you everything about snowboard and carving skis. After one or two lesson you will have really good fun ;-)
* 20 minutes to railway car to Gubalowka - Afterward you wouldn't forget pictersque and absolutly outstanding view on Polish Tatras.
* 15 minutes to ski jumping objects where fames such as: Jane Ahonen, Swen Hanavald, Jakub Janda had been jumping.

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